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The Effects of Anxiety and Stress On Fertility

Scientific studies validate that the body and mind are interdependent. Your childhood and emotional history--including your subconscious and conscious feelings, thoughts, and beliefs--can create adverse responses to the body. As stress can trigger chemical and neurological changes, the delicate hormonal system nourishing your reproductive system can become imbalanced. Consider the viewpoints of leading pioneers in the field of fertility health:

— Alice Domar, M.D., Director of Women's Health Programs at Harvard Medical School states, "We already have clues that stress and depression contribute to infertility. On the female side, emotional upset has been shown to cause tubule spasms, irregular ovulation, and hormonal shifts, all of which can impact fertility. In addition, a variety of human studies have linked extreme stress and emotional upset to miscarriage. On the male side, stress has been associated with significant drops in sperm counts and quality."

— Another fertility specialist, Niravi Payne, M.S., states: "Emotionally-laden experiences are transmitted biochemically and electrically to the hypothalamus, ultimately negatively affecting the pituitary gland's output of LH and FSH, affecting ovulation and spermatogenesis."

Many scientific findings suggest that counseling support can improve conception and positive birth outcomes. There are many ways to restructure the past so that your experiences empower you to open to new possibilities. Holistic health modalities can relieve physical and psychological stress, thus optimizing a positive affect on a woman's or man's reproductive health.
— Carista Luminare, Ph.D.

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