Prenatal Health Care

How can I contribute to my child's development in the womb?

Create a step-by-step health plan to optimize your child's prebirth development.

Resolve issues from your childhood and past to enhance the present challenges and joys of parenting.

Learn practical ways to experience prenatal bonding with your child.

During a Prebirth Holistic Health Evaluation, you can discover the power of the mind-body approach for pregnancy. There are numerous safe and effective holistic health care options that can create a healthy pregnancy and post-natal experience. Learn how an evaluation of your personal and professional lifestyle can enhance your prenatal health and that of your future child.

Preparing for your Baby's Birth

How do I prepare for the birth?

Explore and resolve your fears and expectations of the birth before it happens.

Understand specific natural and medical choices available to you, your partner and your child. Be informed about the difference between homebirth and hospital birth options.

Clarify the people and resources that offer you the support and knowledge you want to include in your birth plan.

Heal past birth traumas that may affect your self confidence to give birth to a child again.

During a Prebirth Holistic Health Evaluation, you can create a personalized birth plan that will educate your birth and support team about your informed preferences for you and your child's health care, during and after the birth.

During a Pre-Natal Health Evaluation you can focus on solutions to problems including preparing for your birth.

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