Common Questions about
The Prebirth Holistic Health Approach

1. How does the holistic health approach differ
from a modern medical one?

Whether you are trying to optimize your conception, pregnancy, birth - or, you are having difficulty conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy to full term - a holistic perspective will enhance your experience. Scientific research demonstrates a vital connection between your reproductive and hormonal responses, and your emotions and thoughts.

In overcoming fertility and prenatal challenges, Western Medicine has greatly benefited many people who otherwise would not have been able to conceive or give birth. Yet, holistic health programs combine the best of all modalities -- western doctors, nutritional and herbal education, psychological counseling, body-oriented therapies, homeopathy, acupuncture and eastern medicine, and for those who are interested, spiritual support. You will be investing your time and money towards both a healthier pregnancy and greater physical health.

While medical and technological assistance may be necessary at times, when combined with holistic health options, positive outcomes are often improved. Those who do not choose medical procedures will enhance their whole health, whether or not they conceive.

Your physical body may be prepared, but unresolved feelings, beliefs and memories may prevent a successful conception or pregnancy, or vice-versa. In this case, a mind-body approach could benefit your fertility and prenatal treatments.

2. What does the term "mind-body" mean?

It suggests that the physical, emotional, and mental states of your being are inter-related and interdependent. Your feelings and thoughts trigger physiological responses in the body that can affect the chemical and neurological balances of the hormonal system involved in reproduction. For example, one part of you may be ready to have a baby, while subconsciously you are ambivalent because of some unresolved memories from your past. The biochemical effect of suppressed emotions can confuse the hormonal system. Consciously addressing your feelings and thoughts may be the missing key to resolving your fertility or pregnancy challenges. Becoming self-aware of aspects of you that may be hesitant to become a parent can greatly enhance a positive pregnancy and parenting experience once conception occurs.

If you consider that your physiological processes and your states of mind are interconnected, you can have some direct control over your healing process and wellness. You can change your personal and professional life so that your mind-body is well balanced, thus optimizing your whole health. Lifelong beliefs and experiences about sexuality, conception, pregnancy, birth, children, parenthood and family relationships can be repatterned to increase your ability to conceive and nurture a healthy pregnancy to fruition.

3. Does the "mind-body" approach include spiritual considerations?

For those who are embrace a "mind, body, spirit" paradigm, there are many ways to include the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings into one's prebirth experience. No matter your spiritual orientation or religious tradition, your beliefs and principles can be integrated into your prebirth health plan. For those who are not spiritually or metaphysically inclined, the "mind-body" perspective remains comprehensive.

4. What are the holistic modalities that can increase
the chance of conception?

Each person has unique needs, some requiring more attention with physical health considerations, while others need more support with the their emotional or mental concerns. Thus, it is beneficial to work with a practitioner who addresses your whole health. Holistic Prebirth Education and Counseling can clarify which areas of your inner and outer life need care. And, no matter how challenging your physiological circumstances, it is important to note that most natural approaches will invariably increase the effectiveness of any medical assistance. Click here for Initial Holistic Prebirth Session.

5. Can I bond with my child before it is born?

Preconception and Prenatal Bonding is a very creative practice that anyone can learn to do. Click here for Commune with Your Future Child CD.

6. Is it true that I can contribute to the physical, emotional, and mental health of my child before it is born?

New research contends that prenatal life and the birth experience are often profound determinants of human personality and aptitude. Hundreds of university and hospital studies show that unborn children can see, hear and feel in the womb. Prenatal bonding is widely accepted as a beneficial experience for the future child and the mother and/or father. Learn how you can make a difference in optimizing your child's potential before its birth.

7. What is a holistic approach to childbirth preparation?

There are endless ways to prepare for your child's birth. Educate yourself about the vast differences between homebirth and hospital birth. Learn about what options a managed care program offers, and be aware of the benefits and dangers of including technological interventions (for both the mother and baby) during your pregnancy and birth. Be informed. Consider a labor assistant at your birth even if your partner is present because giving birth is an art form that has many unexpected variables.

8. How can a private consultation or a seminar with Carista Luminare assist me in having a child?

You can explore any aspect of your preconception, pregnancy, birth, or post-natal concerns. She offers many creative ways to help you discover the challenges and opportunities of developing a holistic health system for you and your evolving child-to-be. By focusing on solutions to problems, she will assist you in developing a plan that is an expression of your genuine needs and life style.Click here for Counseling Services.

Enjoy the Life-Changing Benefits of A Prebirth Holistic Health Approach

Explore the advantages and effectiveness of natural fertility and pregnancy options, in addition to conventional approaches.

Clarify and learn to resolve your concerns regarding conception and parenthood -- including fears, ambivalences, and any health challenge that is stressful for you.

Learn how to experience preconception and prenatal bonding with your future child.

For those challenged with infertility: whether your fertility challenges are physiological or psychological in nature, or have been diagnosed to be of "an unknown origin," a holistic perspective can increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

Heal and empower yourself if conception does not occur.

Create a personal step-by-step plan to enhance your fertility health, before and after conception occurs.

And, any other theme you want to explore . . .

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