Optimizing Fertility

What are the benefits of preparing for conception?

Assess and potentialize your whole health - body, mind and spirit - so that you are in a state of optimal well-being to conceive and nurture your baby.

Explore how you can balance your career and parenthood responsibilities before your child is conceived.

Clarify and resolve many of your concerns as future parents including fears, ambivalences and any personal challenge about parenthood that is stressful for you.

• During a Prebirth Holistic Health Evaluation, you can experience a comprehensive examination of your personal and professional lifestyle including diet, stress patterns, past traumas and losses, relationship and childhood challenges and any other concerns that may impact your ability to conceive, be pregnant, give birth, or enjoy parenthood. By the end of this session, you will be more self-aware about how you can create a personal and practical health plan for both parents and your future child.

Resolving Fertility Challenges

Why describe my condition as "fertility challenges"
rather than "infertility"?

There are many positive ways to address and resolve fertility health conditions. Negative labels such as infertility, unproductive organs, old eggs, poor sperm quality, and inadequate hormones disempower a woman and man in addressing numerous factors involved with reproductive difficulties. Unless you are anatomically missing reproductive organs and essential reproductive biology, consider calling yourself a person with "fertility challenges," which supports you in maintaining an attitude of healthy optimism.

Discover the power of the mind-body connection to conception. There are numerous safe and effective holistic health care options that can enhance your ability to conceive, and create a healthy pregnancy and post-natal experience -- many of which have proven to be especially effective in areas that are typically diagnosed by western medicine as "infertility of unknown origin."

Holistic Counseling is a valuable key to fertility. Many studies illustrate a correlation between counseling and increased fertility rates among couple's with unexplained infertility. In her book, "Infertility: A Comprehensive Text," Machelle Seibel states: "Based on studies, 26.5 to 60% of couple's with unexplained fertility become pregnant with counseling."

Trying to have a baby with fertility challenges can affect your self image, self-esteem, and intimacy with your partner. Emotions that commonly cause stress are continual feelings of anxiety, self-judgment, resentment, guilt, shame, anger, longing, depression, ambivalence, disappointment, as well as unresolved emotions and thoughts from past miscarriages and abortions. Feeling out of control, reactive, and detached from life are common experiences that can be healed and resolved.

Learn to use the mind-body approach to manage stress and take charge of your reproductive life. Consider a Prebirth Holistic Health Evaluation where we can assess your history of natural or medical fertility treatments, as well as examine your personal and professional lifestyle for unhealthy patterns that may be affecting your reproductive health. Practical techniques are offered to assist you, whether you are experiencing medical treatments, between treatments or trying to conceive without medical assistance. Regardless of whether pregnancy occurs or not, you will benefit as you become more self-aware about how to optimize your physical and psychological health.

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